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In 1999, this unknown American guy shows at the ADCC: no one has ever heard of him.

What happens next causes many jaws to drop:

Not only does he pass all the turns in his brackets but he is going to fight with the super favourite Saulo Ribeiro.
During his previous fights he earns the nickname "The Snowman": pale, compact and getting stronger and stronger with each turn.

He wins the final agaist the Brazilian and imprints his name in the submission grappling history.


What did Jeff Monson have that the favourites Fabiano Capone, Roberto Traven, Rigan Machado and Saulo Ribeiro did not?

The conditioning? Ok, but this was not lacking in his opponent, either.


The answer is easy when you know the man. Despite his "alternative" looks, Jeff is a great thinker: he has a degree in psychology and worked a lot in that field before turning into a pro.

What made the difference was him being an unknown force to his opponents, while he was very familiar with their game.

Milano Challenge 2016.

We are happy to annouce that one of the top European tournaments will have interesting news for those who cannot attend.
All the finals of the "colored" belts will be streamed live, and then recorded to let you see and study them at your convenience.

The difference that makes the difference.

The Milano Challenge is the last big event before the classic European Championship in Lisbon. It is common to see on the mat the strongest brown and the meaniest black belt, who are going to use the Milano Challenge as their last test before the Championship in January.

For those who want to compete at high level it is simply stupid not to study the competitors and their tactics.

Going to the European costs you sacrifice, sweat, money and time... all of them are gonna go down the flush when you lose because you wanna save the 9,99 euro!??!

On the other hand you can study a gameplan:
"Look how he passed the guard..." "look how he finalized the guy.... " I'd better remember that if I fight with that guy, so I can defend that nasty leglock. "

Who is the Milano Challenge Finalist?

There is a very good chance, you will come across him and you will need to defeat him at the European Tournament if you want the gold medal!

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